Commercial Properties in Kew Gardens

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If you’re searching for a commercial property, you need a local real estate agency on your side. Kew Gardens Realty has a team of experts specializing in the sales and purchases of commercial properties in this in-demand community. Whether you are a novice business owner or a seasoned property investor, Kew Gardens Realty will help you use your real estate investment to reach your ultimate goals.

What is a Commercial Property?

Commercial property refers to buildings and land used for business purposes. Here are a few common examples of commercial properties that are likely familiar to you:

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial properties
  • Rental spaces
  • Hotel and hospitality industry buildings
  • Land used to generate a profit
  • Multifamily buildings, such as apartments

“Special purpose” properties are commercial properties that don’t neatly fall into one of these categories. Examples of special purpose properties include parking lots, entertainment venues, zoos and anything else you can think of that might generate a profit.

Always in Flux: Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions are filled with nuances, legal terms and special situations. In addition, the rules are always changing. Even if you have bought or sold commercial property in the past, you might need to catch up on current regulations that could affect your transaction.

Kew Gardens Realty is here to help our commercial clients make sound business decisions. We also understand how important it is to move quickly in a dynamic real estate market. At Kew Gardens Realty, we guide our clients through:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Property searches, focusing on Kew Gardens
  • Pricing your commercial property
  • Loan consultation
  • Closing details

To learn more about commercial real estate transactions, contact the experts at Kew Gardens Realty today!