Kew Gardens Condos

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Kew Gardens Condos Offer Spacious Residences in a Quiet Neighborhood

Kew Gardens is an upper middle class neighborhood in the New York borough of Queens. this densely populated residential area was one of seven garden neighborhoods developed by the City of New York beginning in the late 1800s and lasting until the 1950s. The Van Wyck Expressway makes the neighborhood readily accessible by car. Subway trains on the E or F lines the Turnpike-Kew Gardens stations take about 30 minutes to reach mid-town Manhattan.

Four to ten story residential buildings predominate Kew Gardens. A number of newer Kew Gardens condos have been constructed over the past decade in areas where older, smaller apartments have been demolished. Buyers looking for condos in this area can expect to find

  • Studio
  • One, two and three bedroom units

In prices ranging from approximately $85,000 to $458,000 for higher-end properties. Units in newer buildings are generally more spacious than those found in older ones.

Because of the influx of newer Kew Gardens condos, the neighborhood has begun to change and become more ethnically diverse. Immigrants from many countries live in the neighborhood, including people from China, Japan, Korea, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India, Russia and Latin America. The neighborhood is popular with airline employees because Q10 airport buses are easy to reach from the neighborhood.

Kew Gardens condos residents are also able to enjoy what many other New Yorkers cannot, namely quiet evenings and green areas for relaxation. Forest Park, the third largest city park in Queens offers residents a number of biking, jogging and hiking paths along with bridal trails for equestrians.

Seven public elementary schools and one high school, five private schools and one Roman Catholic school are located within Kew Gardens boundaries.

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