Kew Gardens Homeowners

Kew Gardens residents enjoy a self-sufficient community with smooth commutes to Manhattan and a friendly vibe. Despite all of these great traits, you might be faced with the difficult decision to put your Kew Gardens home on the market. If this happens, Kew Gardens Realty will partner with you to make the most of your home sale.

Pricing your Home: The Importance of Getting it Right

Assigning the right price to your Kew Gardens home is an art, and there are big-time consequences to missing the mark. At Kew Gardens Realty, we understand these consequences and work hard to avoid them. Here is what can happen when you don’t have an expert to guide you:

  • Your home might be priced too low, and you might miss out on much-deserved profits from your sale.
  • Your home might be priced too high, discouraging buyers and leading to a stale listing.
  • If you don’t understand the tools available to assign a fair value to your home, you will ultimately become confused, and you won’t be an active participant in your home sale.

Pricing your Home: The Kew Gardens Realty Way

At Kew Gardens Realty, we want your home sale to be a success. To us, a successful sale means that your home will sell quickly and for the amount you deserve. Here is how we accomplish this:

  • We run a comparative market analysis, comparing your home side-by-side with similar homes that have sold recently in the community.
  • We offer a free home estimate to determine how much money a bank might be willing to lend a buyer to purchase your home.
  • We live here! Our in-depth knowledge as residents of Kew Gardens is our best asset.

Contact Kew Gardens Realty today to learn more about lisitng your home for sale.