List your home

List your home

The real estate professionals at Jamaica Estates Realty understand the homeowners we work with in Jamaica Estates don’t want to spend more than is necessary to sell their homes. Average real estate commissions can average 6 percent or more of the selling price of a home, and with median home prices in Jamaica Estates approaching $1.5 million and above, commissions can make a huge dent in the profit a homeowner realizes from the sale. 

Paying less for superior services

Jamaica Estates Realty has reduced its commission to 2 percent on our listings only for Jamaica Estates homeowners. We’ve reduced the amount sellers pay, but we have not reduced the services they receive from us. 

Homeowners selling in Jamaica Estates pay less by listing with us, but they continue to receive the same outstanding services our agents and brokers have always offered, including:

  • Pricing: We do a complete market analysis and review it with homeowners to give them the tools they need to price their home to sell while maximizing the profit they realize on the sale.
  • Staging: Everyone talks about curb appeal to attract buyers, but our real estate professionals actually work with sellers to make their homes inviting to prospective buyers.
  • Promotion and advertising: Advertising and promoting home begins as soon as it is listed with us and continues until our seller is under contract with a buyer. 
  • Negotiation: We offer sellers our negotiating skills refined and developed through years of experience in the real estate industry to put together the best deal for our seller.

We work for our sellers

Our work on behalf of the sellers who entrust their homes Jamaica Estates to us begins when a property is listed with us and does not end until the closing. Each home and each transaction is different, but at Jamaica Estates Realty, we are committed to providing personalized service to each seller.

Free Property Appraisal ($500 Value)

As a Jamaica Estates homeowner, you are privileged to receive a Free appraisal report (value $500). This is not a CMA ( Comparative Market Analysis) but rather it’s a complete appraisal report that is performed by a licensed real estate appraiser that will inspect your property and within 3 business provide an appraisal.

This is an important part of the puzzle of selling a property, we want to know in advance what the banks will appraise your home for giving us an advantage when it comes to calculating financing options that the potential buyer is looking to mortgage, plus it gives the homeowner the true value of what their home is worth today if putting it on the market for sale.

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