Mixed-Use Properties in Kew Gardens

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While mixed-use properties are found throughout all real estate markets, they are especially prevalent in urban locales. As you observe the bustling streets of Kew Gardens, you’ll notice mixed-use properties in endless combinations. At Kew Gardens Realty, our knowledge of the mixed-use sector of real estate exceeds other agencies, making us the premier choice to buy or sell mixed-use property in Kew Gardens.

Defining Mixed-Use Properties

A mixed-use property brings at least two different types of real estate together for necessity or convenience. They are typically found in these combinations:

  • Residential and retail properties.
  • Retail and office properties.
  • Office and residential properties.

While these are the most common mixed-use blends we see in Kew Gardens, they are not the only ones. The diverse and customizable nature of mixed-use properties means that the sky is the limit in this type of real estate.

Our Role in Your Mixed-Use Property Purchase

At Kew Gardens Realty, we are experts in guiding our clients through the nuances of the mixed-use real estate market. We understand the details of mixed-use transactions that other real estate agents might overlook. When you enlist our help in your mixed-use property purchase, you can expect us to:

  • Help you examine the certificate of occupancy to ensure that the property you are pursuing is the best option.
  • Discuss loan options designed specifically for mixed-use properties.
  • Explain the intricate details of your mixed-use loan until you fully understand the terms of your investment.

Your Mixed-Use Property Sale

If it is time to move on from your mixed-use property, Kew Gardens can assist in that department! Our experience has shown us that a customized, dynamic advertising strategy is the best way to reduce the time that your property spends on the market. It is also a critical step in attracting serious buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for your property.

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