When you embark on your home-buying journey, a mortgage broker will become an essential part of your team. A mortgage broker serves as the link between a buyer and a lending institution. They can efficiently research interest rates and mortgage terms across multiple lenders, providing the buyer with a selection of loan options that make sense in their situation. They also serve as a liaison between the bank, title company and real estate agency to ensure a smooth closing. At Kew Gardens Realty, we recommend MortgageDepot to help our buyers secure the best loan for their individual circumstances.

Types of Loans

Understanding the types of loans available is a daunting task. MortgageDepot can help buyers grasp the difference between these types of mortgages:

Are you unfamiliar with some of the loans listed here? That is quite common, and another reason why partnering with MortgageDepot is a smart real estate move!

Why Choose MortgageDepot?

Kew Gardens Realty works closely with MortgageDepot to assist home buyers in securing a loan that is tailored to their needs. We trust MortgageDepot to serve our valued clients because:

  • They have access to a diverse group of lenders for maximum loan options
  • They are a mainstay in the real estate market in Queens
  • They make it their mission to treat each buyer individually
  • They coordinate to make each real estate transaction proceed flawlessly

Contact MortgageDepot Today!

The knowledgeable agents at Kew Gardens Realty know that securing a manageable loan is key to home-buying happiness. We trust MortgageDepot to lead you along the path to understanding the loans that apply to your unique situation.

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