Are Kew Gardens Condos for You? Ask Yourself These Questions To Find Out!

What comes to mind when you think of Kew Gardens condos? Do you think about association fees and community rules? Do you think of low maintenance and desired amenities?

Condo living isn't for everyone, but it is the answer for some. Does your lifestyle mesh with condo living? Let's find out! Here are four questions to ask yourself as you consider Kew Gardens condos:

  • Do you dread yard work?If caring for a yard isn't exactly your jam, condo living might be a blessing. Grounds maintenance is typically a part of your monthly condo association fee. Although this fee is separate from your mortgage and often steep, it might be worth cutting the check every month in exchange for maintained surroundings.
  • Are posh amenities on your home-hunting wish list?Wouldn't it be nice to have a guaranteed parking spot when you return home from your adventures outside the city? Do you need an on-site fitness facility to keep your health in check? You might be hard-pressed to find these top amenities in other types of urban housing, but you may have a shot at them in Kew Gardens condos.
  • Are you a rule-follower who likes an orderly living situation?Kew Gardens condos usually have rules that all residents must follow. These rules contribute to a pleasant environment for all residents. They include things like pet policies, quiet hours and basic cleanliness policies. Consider a condo if you want to reduce your chances of dealing with after-hours parties or sloppy neighbors.
  • Do you have a limited housing budget?Kew Gardens condos tend to cost less than single-family homes in the same neighborhood. One important note: As you are pricing condos, don't forget to consider the monthly HOA fee. In some cases, this fee can inflate housing costs into unaffordable territory for home-hunters on a strict budget.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Kew Gardens condos might be for you! Contact us at Kew Gardens Realty today to learn more about current condo listings.

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