Four Questions To Ask a Kew Gardens Real Estate Agent Before You Commit

When you decide to work with a Kew Gardens real estate agent, you need to find one who is knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. If any of these pieces are missing, things might not turn out in your favor. There is too much money at stake for that to happen!

How can you be sure that you're choosing the right agent? One way is to schedule a consultation with your frontrunners and ask them a few questions, interview style.

Do you need a little help coming up with a list of questions for potential agents? Here are four questions that we would ask if we were in your shoes:

1. How long have you worked as a Kew Gardens real estate agent?

The Kew Gardens real estate market is competitive and offers multiple housing types. Find an agent who understands what makes Kew Gardens stand out. Bonus points if your agent is a resident of the community!

2. Do you work with buyers, sellers or both?

If you're looking for a home, you might want the experience of an agent who works primarily with buyers. Vice versa if you're a seller. On the other hand, you might want to select an agent who has experience at both sides of the closing table to get a unique perspective on your transaction.

3. When are you available for open houses and private showings, and how do you prefer to communicate with your clients?

When choosing an agent, you'll ideally want one that works when you don't. Communication also matters. Do you prefer texts to phone calls, or video chats to in-person meetings? Select an agent who will accommodate.

4. Can you provide a list of references?

If an agent is hesitant to provide a list of references, move on. Once you get that reference list in hand, make sure you follow up to get a real-life view of how the agent handles their clients.

If you plan to buy or sell a piece of Kew Gardens real estate, schedule a consultation with us today. We can't wait to answer your questions!

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