Kew Gardens Apartment Rentals: An Intro To Understanding Leases

Browsing available listings for Kew Gardens apartment rentals is fun. Reading the fine print on a lease is not. Unfortunately, there's no way around it: If you are looking for a rental, you must read the lease. The lease is essentially a rule book for living in a particular apartment. It is also a legal document. When you sign, it means that you agree to all of the rules, regulations, fees and fines mentioned in the lease.

Many leases for Kew Gardens apartment rentals sound similar, but they could contain small nuances that might make a big difference. If this seems scary, don't worry! As you study your lease, look for these four points that every renter must know before they sign on the dotted line:

  • Rent remittance
    You'll probably know how much cash you will need to cough up monthly before you sign the lease. Don't forget to see if the lease specifies a particular form of payment, and make sure you know where to send it.
  • Penalties
    Is there a grace period for late rent payments? What is the penalty for failing to remit rent on time? What happens if you want to back out of the lease early? Make sure the answers to these questions are in writing to avoid unexpected (and hefty) fees in the future.
  • Utilities
    Many Kew Gardens apartment rentals include some utilities in the rent. It's common for water and trash service to be wrapped up in the rent. Things like electric, gas, cable and phone service will probably be in your name.
  • Maintenance and repair responsibilities
    Review the lease to determine who fixes what when something goes awry in your apartment. For example, you might be responsible for replacing a burned-out lightbulb, but your landlord will probably handle a major electrical problem.

If you are in the market for Kew Gardens apartment rentals, welcome to the club! Reasonable rents, a prime location and charming architecture make these digs among the most popular in Queens. Contact Kew Gardens Realty today to see what's out there.

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