Kew Gardens Co-ops: Five Tips To Start Your Roommate Relationship on the Right Foot

Although Kew Gardens co-ops are typically a great value, sometimes it's nice (or necessary) to share the financial burden of living in Queens with someone else. It's time to hop online and check out those roommate-finder apps that you've been hearing about!

You've heard plenty of tragic tales about roommate relationships gone bad. Although you and your roomie don't need to be best pals, you do need to respect and tolerate one another.

How can you have a better chance of finding a roommate that you'll mesh with? Here are five of our favorite tips for living happily with a roommate in Kew Gardens co-ops:

  • Talk finances early on.
    How will you divide up utility costs? Who will foot the bill for groceries, cleaning supplies and other household needs? What happens if someone doesn't pay rent? Laying out the financial details in writing is a critical first step toward a positive roommate relationship.
  • Delegate chores.
    Nothing puts an end to roommate bliss faster than a roomie that doesn't pull their weight. There are countless ways to divide household chores, so sit down with your roommate(s) to decide what will work best.
  • Be honest about your routine, and ask that your roommate do the same.
    Kew Gardens co-ops can be pretty compact. If you're sharing a small space with one bathroom, compare routines and come up with an around-the-clock schedule that works.
  • Remember the three C's: communicate, compromise and be considerate.
    Keep these three C's in mind when you interact with your roommate. If you're interviewing roommates, keep a keen eye out for these traits in your candidates.
  • Follow the rules.
    Check with your co-op board to determine if you need to take specific steps before you welcome a roommate. Needless to say, if you and your roommate get kicked out of the co-op for circumventing policy, it could put a strain on your relationship.

If you are looking for ways to make ends meet in Kew Gardens co-ops, get in touch with Kew Gardens Realty for more tips on finding someone to share your space!

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