Kew Gardens Co-ops: Making the Cut

If a daunting application and intimidating interview have kept you from considering Kew Gardens co-ops, you might be missing out! If you're not willing to step out of your comfort zone, you're seriously limiting your real estate search.

If you're on the fence about Kew Gardens co-ops, we're here to get you prepped to nail a co-op application and be a shining star during a board interview. Here are a few tips to boost your confidence during these rites of passage:

  • Get your finances under control.
    Residents of Kew Gardens co-ops must pull their weight financially. If they don't, the entire building and its residents pay the price (literally). Co-op boards typically want to see that you have up to two years of mortgage and maintenance fees in an easy-to-access account. Your chances of being rejected by the board are also higher if your debt-to-income ratio exceeds 35%.
  • Be 100% truthful.
    You can imagine that lying on a co-op board application can get you into hot water, and this includes leaving out requested info. Co-op boards will pursue these lies of omission until they uncover the truth, or they will simply move on to a more honest applicant.
  • Present an organized package.
    If the board can't find what they're looking for in your board package, they might decide it's not worth the effort. Create a table of contents, use color-coded dividers and format your package according to your real estate agent's advice.
  • Pretend your co-op board interview is a job interview.
    Start your interview with a timely arrival. While you can ask questions, remember that the co-op board is actually interviewing you. Limit your inquiries to ones that aren't already answered on the building's website or brochure. Lastly, put on a smile and calm your nerves!

One Final Piece of Advice...

We hope our advice has given you the courage to check out Kew Gardens co-ops. For real estate success, partner with a local real estate agent who understands the ins and outs of co-ops. Get in touch with Kew Gardens Realty today to test the waters!

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