Kew Gardens Co-ops Pull Double-Duty as Home Offices During COVID-19

Kew Gardens co-ops are big on charm, but they tend to be small on space. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many co-op residents realize how tiny their urban homes really are. If your workplace is now your living room, check out these tips on setting up a home office when square footage is scarce.

Helpful hint #1: Select a space that is exclusively for work.

If you have been slumped on your sofa with your computer balancing on your lap during work hours, this tip is for you. Even if your workspace is a tiny table nestled in the corner of your bedroom, you'll be more productive if you create a designated work zone.

Helpful hint #2: Set up shop near natural light.

Here is your chance to have an office with a window! It might not work out in all Kew Gardens co-ops, but if you can situate your workspace near sunlight, you'll stay alert.

Helpful hint #3: Think vertical.

As you set up storage solutions for your home office, consider tall shelving units to save valuable square footage in Kew Gardens co-ops. While you're at it, don't forget about the space under your work surface!

Helpful hint #4: Select office furnishings that complement your surroundings.

If you live and work in a small-co-op, keep in mind that you will have to look at your home office all the time. Make sure it complements your home décor. Plus, if you end up going back to the office, you will want your home office furniture to transition to another use in your co-op.

Helpful hint #5: Choose ergonomically-friendly furniture.

Working from home can be pretty convenient, but not when you're consumed with pain from toiling away at a subpar work station! Make sure that your knees and hips form 90 degree angles, and that your computer screen is at eye level to prevent muscle strain.

With a little know-how, Kew Gardens co-ops make functional home offices. Get in touch with Kew Gardens Realty today to learn more about living life to the fullest in Kew Gardens co-ops!

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