Kew Gardens Condos: Four Updates That Won’t Sacrifice Charm

On the outside, Kew Gardens condos are stately, prewar-style buildings that warmly welcome residents home after a long day of pounding the pavement. On the inside, they are just as charming but perhaps not as up-to-date as you would like.

Do you want to preserve your condo's historic details? Are you craving a few modern updates? If the answer to both of these questions is a resounding "yes," read on! Here are a few ways to give Kew Gardens condos an interior makeover without losing their appeal:

  • Paint your interior walls: Check out the latest color trends for 2021, which include earthy greens, cool grays and even bold saffron shades. If these don't appeal to you, start a new trend. The best part about painting your walls: If you don't like the color, it's an easy fix!
  • Invest in new appliances: Are your appliances as old as your condo? Historic charm is desirable, but only when we're talking about appearance. When we're talking about function, modern rules. Make a list of the features you will use in a refrigerator, stove and washer/dryer (if you're lucky enough to have a hookup). Appliances with your must-have features will add an element of convenience to your life, and you'll still get to enjoy your condo's decorative details.
  • Update your light fixtures: Ample lighting makes Kew Gardens condos seem more spacious. Do your current light fixtures match your style? Do they provide enough light? Consider clean, uncomplicated lighting rather than intricate chandeliers to illuminate your space and bring a modern touch to an older interior.
  • Go spa-like in your bathroom: Rethink your master bathroom (or your only bathroom) with up-to-the-minute fixtures. Some of the most popular trends in bathroom remodels are stand-alone tubs, pedestal sinks and bold tile patterns.

With the right updates, Kew Gardens condos offer the perfect blend of prewar charm and modern appeal. If you're looking for more ways to update your space, contact Kew Gardens Realty today to find out what's trending in 2021.

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