Kew Gardens Homes for Sale: What the Listings Are REALLY Telling You

Have you ever gotten excited about an online real estate listing only to find that the home is a bit underwhelming in person? If you want to get a better visual of Kew Gardens homes for sale before you take the time to visit them, you might need to put on your detective hat.

When real estate professionals create a listing, they have a polite way of saying certain things. If they use blunt language, buyers might never show up! Here are a few of the terms that agents often use to dress up a blah real estate listing:

  • Charming: When a listing describes a property as "charming," be prepared to see a small home. A small property isn't always a bad thing. If you're looking at Kew Gardens homes for sale, you're probably expecting a compact space anyways.
  • Low-maintenance: Low-maintenance typically describes a home with little to no green space. Many low-maintenance homes are also a part of an HOA. Although you'll need to figure HOA dues into your monthly budget, you'll experience certain perks that don't come with non-HOA homes.
  • Room to roam: If a listing says that the property has room to roam, it usually means the home offers a little more elbow room. If you see this phrase while searching Kew Gardens homes for sale, it might be worth a second look!
  • Motivated seller: This might mean that the seller will consider contingent offers and be open to negotiations if it generates more interest. It might also mean that the seller is in a hurry to bid farewell to their property.
  • Priced to sell: This phrase indicates that the seller doesn't want to accept an offer that comes in much lower than the asking price. They may have already reduced the price as much as possible and already feel that the buyer is benefiting.

We hope that this quick lesson will help you decide which Kew Gardens homes for sale are worth an in-person visit! If you need more guidance, get in touch with Kew Gardens Realty today to check out available listings.

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