Kew Gardens Real Estate: Five Tips for Open House Attendees

Have you noticed that things are getting back to normal lately? We're emerging from our COVID-19 cocoons and revisiting plans that we tabled in 2020. If your Kew Gardens real estate goals have taken a backseat in the past year, it's time to put them front and center.

We have good news for eager homebuyers! Open houses are back in action. If you are captivated by Kew Gardens real estate online, you'll be able to see it up close.

Pandemic aside, did you know that open houses have etiquette guidelines? Being polite is always fashionable, but go the extra mile with these top tips for navigating an open house like a pro:

  • Appearance matters (a little).
    You don't need to dress up to check out Kew Gardens real estate, but a clean appearance is crucial. Flannel pajama pants, t-shirts with potentially offensive statements and revealing clothing are on the "do not wear" list.
  • Introduce yourself.
    The hosting agent wants (and needs) to know who comes in and out of the home, so make a quick introduction and sign in. A sign-in sheet helps the hosting agent determine if the open house generated enough traffic. If you're not interested in the home, that's OK. Sign in and skip your contact information if you've seen enough.
  • Keep your distance.
    Since we have plenty of practice with social distancing, this should be easy. Give other attendees their space and privacy during an open house. If you want to explore a small area, wait for other browsers to leave before you enter.
  • Respect the agent's time.
    Open houses for Kew Gardens real estate can get pretty busy. Ask your questions, but if you feel the need to have a detailed conversation with the hosting agent, take their business card and follow up immediately after the open house.
  • Mind your manners.
    Remember: Someone likely still lives in the home you're touring. Don't use the bathroom, open the fridge or touch personal belongings.

Kew Gardens real estate is even better in person! Contact Kew Gardens Realty today for more information about upcoming open houses.

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