Kew Gardens Real Estate: Four Reasons Why Traditional Floor Plans Should Be On Your Radar

Real estate listings have been touting open floor plans since the early 1990s. If you are looking at Kew Gardens real estate, you might even feel pressure to choose a home with this popular layout. Everyone wants an open floor plan, right?

Not necessarily! We've spent a lot of time at home over the past year, and we've started to see the benefits of traditional floor plans. As buyers step into the real estate market this spring, we're seeing closed-concept layouts showing up on their wish lists.

Kew Gardens real estate offers a mix of open and traditional floor plans. If Kew Gardens is catching your eye, give those traditional floor plans a chance! Still not convinced? Here are four pros to living in a divided layout:

  • Privacy!
    There's no doubt about it: Alone time is easier to come by in a traditional floor plan. With intentionally-divided rooms, you might be able to cook a meal in the kitchen without tripping over the kids!
  • You won't need to leave your home for peace and quiet.
    Sound tends to travel throughout open-concept layouts. In Kew Gardens real estate, walls bring the noise to an abrupt halt. If the action movie of the year is playing in your living room, a traditional floor plan lets you escape the heart-pounding excitement.
  • Your mess isn't on display.
    If you're hosting a dinner party, guests can sit in the dining room without having to look at the disaster in the kitchen while they enjoy their meal. When the shindig moves into the living room, you won't be thinking about work because your home office will be behind closed doors.
  • You'll have plenty of decor options.
    Closed-concept layouts are ideal for people who have trouble making decor decisions. If you can't decide between mid-century modern or farmhouse chic, a traditional floor plan lets you experiment with both styles!

It's time to look at real-life examples of traditional floor plans in Kew Gardens real estate. Contact Kew Gardens Realty today to get started!

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