Looking To Sell in Kew Gardens: FAQs About Selling As-Is

Getting your home ready to sell is a big job. What if you could skip it altogether? Here's the deal: If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens, you might be able to avoid a lot of the prep work by listing your home as-is.

It might sound like listing your home as-is is an easy way out. This couldn't be farther from the truth. There are some attractive advantages to going this route, but there are also some discouraging cons. We're going to share a little bit of both with you today!

If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens, read these FAQs about what selling as-is means (and what it doesn't mean!):

  • What does "as-is" mean?
    If you are selling a property as-is, what the buyer sees is what they will get. If the buyer wants improvements made or an inspection reveals hidden problems, you aren't obligated to make the repairs.
  • Why do people decide to list their properties as-is?
    Listing your property as-is might make sense if you can't afford to make the improvements your home needs. You might also consider going this route if you need to sell quickly, but the repairs would take a long time to complete.
  • Can I still get top dollar for my as-is listing?
    If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens, selling as-is means you will probably need to accept a lower offer than if you made the necessary repairs. Real estate agents often tell their as-is clients to price their homes to sell. An agent with extensive experience in Kew Gardens will help you decide if selling as-is is worth it to you.
  • Can I forget about staging my as-is listing?
    No! If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens, keep up with the competition by doing at least the bare minimum. It's still important to clean and declutter to present your home in the best light.

If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens and are curious about listing your property as-is, talk to Kew Gardens Realty to figure out your next step!

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