Looking To Sell in Kew Gardens: Prepare Your Home for It’s On-Camera Debut!

Pretend that you are getting ready to go on camera. Maybe you're reporting local news, or perhaps you're starring in a big-screen blockbuster. You'll have people telling you what to wear, applying makeup (even if you're a guy!) and sculpting your hair into the perfect style.

What does this have to do with real estate? You've heard of home staging, right? If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens, virtual tours are the primary way that prospective buyers will see your home. Your home will be on camera just like those beautiful faces we see on our screens every day.

When clients who are looking to sell in Kew Gardens approach us, we share these four secrets to staging success with them:

1. Declutter. When you're done, declutter again!

If you think clutter is a turn-off in person, you should see it on camera! The less clutter you have lying around during your virtual tour, the larger your space will look. This is a huge asset if you are trying to sell a compact urban home!

2. Shed a little light on the subject.

Even if your home is filmed in broad daylight, turn your lights on. This helps to illuminate shadowed areas, giving prospective buyers the best view of your space.

3. Don't forget about the front door.

If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens, your virtual tour will probably begin outside your home. Make sure the exterior looks clean and inviting, even if your entrance is limited to your front door and a welcome mat. Touch up paint, add a pretty plant, sweep the steps...you get the idea!

4. Think about personal security.

Are your heirloom jewels lying beautifully on your dresser? Is the password to your bank account written on a sticky note on your desk? Do a once-over and hide any valuables or personal information from view.

We have more helpful hints to share! If you are looking to sell in Kew Gardens, get in touch with us today to learn more about staging your home for success.

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