Prep for Kew Gardens Apartment Rentals With These Dos and Don’ts

Apartment living is a rite of passage for New York City dwellers. From exceedingly small spaces to roommate nightmares, we've heard it all. On the bright side, we've also heard plenty of positive experiences with Kew Gardens apartment rentals. In fact, the happy tales far outweigh the horror stories.

Do you want your apartment experience to be better than you expected? We thought so! Here is a list of dos and don'ts to keep in mind as you settle into Kew Gardens apartment rentals:

  • Do inspect your unit before you take the keys.
    Security deposits on Kew Gardens apartment rentals aren't cheap, and you probably want it all back when you move out! Take a walk through the apartment and note any damages, leaks or other imperfections that you see. Ideally, the landlord should be with you. In any case, document everything, send your proof to the landlord and keep a copy for yourself.
  • Don't sign the lease until you fully understand the terms.
    You've found a reasonably-priced apartment in a great neighborhood, which is not an easy feat! Don't forget to read the lease from top to bottom and clarify items you don't understand to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Do consider living with a roommate.
    In Kew Gardens apartment rentals, sometimes it's just not feasible to live alone. Splitting the costs with a roommate (or two) can give you some much-needed financial breathing room. Save your extra money to score a place of your own someday!
  • Don't skimp on cleaning.
    Renting doesn't excuse you from taking care of your living space. Dirty apartments invite pests, such as mice and cockroaches. You're also more likely to recoup your security deposit if you care for your floors, sinks and other fixed features.

These are only four dos and don'ts from a list of hundreds! If you need help navigating Kew Gardens apartment rentals, get in touch with Kew Gardens Realty today. We'll give you our best advice for making the most out of apartment living!

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