Saving Money on Kew Gardens Apartment Rentals: Five Penny-Pinching Tips

Have you noticed that everything seems more expensive these days? Groceries, gas, travel … Even housing prices are beginning to soar. If you are interested in Kew Gardens apartment rentals, you might see monthly rents that are higher than you anticipated.

Are rental rates set in stone? Of course not! Despite the rising prices that we've seen across the city, there are still a few ways that apartment dwellers can save money without settling for a subpar rental. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Get a roommate.
    Finding a roommate to share housing costs is one of the most common, time-tested ways to save money on Kew Gardens apartment rentals. Living with a roommate also makes the most significant financial impact.
  • Look for an apartment in the winter.
    We've had a ton of snow in Queens this season. In these harsh winter months, people don't prioritize their apartment searches unless they must. This leads to an uptick in vacancies and antsy landlords who are anxious to rent their units. They might be willing to cut you a deal so that they can start bringing money in.
  • Negotiate a lower price.
    If you have your eye on a particular apartment that is priced slightly higher than its neighbors, you might have some bargaining power. Do your research and present real-life examples of comparable Kew Gardens apartment rentals with a lower price tag. One important note: This tip works best when dealing with an independent landlord.
  • Sign a longer lease.
    It's time-consuming and stressful for landlords to look for reliable tenants every year. If you are willing to sign an extended lease, your landlord might knock a few dollars off your monthly rent payment.
  • Ask about referral bonuses.
    Do you have a reliable, trustworthy friend who is looking at Kew Gardens apartment rentals? Ask your landlord if they offer a referral program. You might earn a few dollars off of your next month's rent if your referral turns into a stable tenant.

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