Selling Kew Gardens Co-ops: Four Must-Read Staging Solutions

If you want to draw attention to your co-op for sale, you'll need to make it look like a five-star place to live. Of course, everybody knows that Kew Gardens co-ops come with very few complaints. That's why buyers are outbidding each other for their chance to own one!

Even though Kew Gardens co-ops are in demand, tried-and-true staging efforts never hurt. They can only help your co-op sell quickly and for the best price. You can hire a professional to help you prep your home for sale, but we understand that staging pros are pricey.

Today we will focus on staging Kew Gardens co-ops for sale. Read these tips to decide if you are up for the challenge:

  • Do a deep cleaning.
    After being caught up in a pandemic over the past year, it seems that all we do is clean. Guess what? It's time to clean some more! Eliminate dust, scuffs and stains from surfaces, walls and carpet. Don't forget to clean your windows to let the sun stream in!
  • Speaking of the sun...
    Some Kew Gardens co-ops are a bit dark inside. If yours is one of them, consider replacing your heavy drapes with something lighter, and make sure you keep them open during open houses and showings. Select a few neutral lamps to illuminate the corners, and flick them on when potential buyers check out your place.
  • Stick your stuff in storage.
    Take a good look around. What items can you live without while your co-op is on the market? We're not asking you to empty your place, but stowing knickknacks, clutter and even unnecessary furniture can go a long way in making Kew Gardens co-ops appear more spacious.
  • Highlight your storage space.
    Do you have a walk-in closet or a roomy pantry? Don't forget to declutter these areas to make them appear larger, and leave the doors open so that buyers can admire the storage space!

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