Sponsored Owned Co-ops in Kew Gardens

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If you are relocating to Queens from a less-urban locale, learning about sponsored co-ops will probably be a new experience. This type of housing is often unfamiliar to even the most dedicated New Yorkers. Fortunately, the agents at Kew Gardens Realty are experts in sponsored co-op housing. Whether you are planning to buy or sell a co-op in Kew Gardens, trust Kew Gardens Realty to guide you through the ins and outs of your unique transaction.

Kew Gardens Co-ops: What Makes Them Different?

Co-ops stand apart from renting and home purchasing. Co-op housing is a third way to score a home in the city. Here are some of the unique features of co-op living in Kew Gardens:

  • Co-op buildings are corporations, and co-op owners purchase shares that entitle them to occupy a unit on the property
  • Co-op financing requires a special type of loan to purchase the shares that are required to occupy a unit
  • While co-ops must adhere to fair housing laws, they can be more selective compared to other types of housing
  • New residents might need to go through a building-specific approval process
  • Co-ops generally come with additional monthly fees, similar to a condominium association, that apply to building and amenity maintenance

Joining the Co-op Craze

Newcomers to Kew Gardens are crazy about co-ops. After you do a little research, you might join the excitement! Co-op living offers these benefits:

  • Maintenance and property upkeep tasks are typically outsourced, with the associated costs shared among co-op members
  • Co-ops often include additional amenities, such as a fitness center, doorman, concierge service and pet facilities
  • Co-ops tend to be more affordable than a traditional home purchase in an urban area

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If co-op living sounds interesting and confusing all at once, you’re not alone! At Kew Gardens Realty, we deal with co-op transactions daily. We are a one-stop resource to answer all of your questions about Kew Gardens co-ops with confidence. 

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